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Note regarding medical advice: I do appreciate the heartfelt comments I receive from many site visitors and thank you all for the kindness and generosity of heart and spirit you’ve expressed in your emails. Sometimes a visitor will write requesting my personal guidance regarding a specific health issue or challenge they are moving through in their life. Please remember that I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner and therefore, cannot legally offer any medical advice. What I can do however, is gift you with the articles and essays in this website. I will continue to expand on the various topics covered on this site as time allows. And when doing so, I will make every attempt to address your email questions in my articles and blog posts.

With that being said, your feedback is important to me and to the mission of this website. I'd love to hear from you and welcome your questions, comments, tips, and suggestions. Any feedback that you may have is appreciated.

You can learn a bit about me by reading my bio, and also learn more about why I started this website by reading A Deeply Happy Authentic Life.

The general principles and philosophy of my work with essential oils as a Spiritual PhytoEssencing Practitioner and Clinical Aromatherapist are outlined at AnaRose Botanicals.

Although I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts, I'm not currently very active on either. If this changes and I decide to create a FB page for BioSpiritual Healing, I'll let you know about it in The BioSpiritual Healing Blog.

The Village is a place on this website where you can post:

  • your own thoughts and musings about what you’ve read on this site
  • personal knowledge or experiences you would like to share with us
  • health and wellness news or research you feel we need to know
  • share your thoughts, knowledge and experience with others

In addition to The Village being a way for readers to add comments relevant to posted topics, most web pages on this site now have a new comments box feature enabled that allows us to add comments and discuss the page topics or share new information.

And of course, your own articles relating to topics relevant to this site are always welcome. Please contact me if you have an article or essay you'd like to submit. Your can read article submission guidelines here.

Peace and Well-Being to All!

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