Joyous Co-Creation is The Purpose of Life

You have a general purpose for being here and a purpose that is a unique and specific expression.

We are all here quite simply to experience Joyous Co-Creation. I love how Robert Scheinfeld, author of The Business School of Consciousness, delightfully describes it - we're here “to play The Human Game and receive the benefits people receive from playing all games: fun, enjoyment, entertainment, challenge, stretching, expansion, exploring ‘what would happen if…’ scenarios.”

Essentially, our overall purpose in life is to:

  • Explore The Human Game
  • Express ourselves creatively
  • Challenge ourselves and have fun

Within this larger existence, each of us is a unique expression of life; each of us is born with an inherent purpose - which is to explore the general purpose as a specific unique expression.

Your purpose is separate from your goals. Many think of it as their destiny. I generally refer to it as your life’s work or lifework:

life•work - the work to which a person's life is devoted; most important work of one's life------ The chief or entire work of a person's lifetime.---- : the entire or principal work of one's lifetime ; also : a work extending over a lifetime lifework synonyms ----occupation, career, vocation; see business 1, profession 1, purpose 1.

Expressing your true or authentic self is your lifework - the most important work of your life. But how many of us fully live our life’s work? Many people never recognize their unique life expression. They move through lives with vague longings and unfulfilled desires.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I want to know what my life purpose is.
  • I’m confused, I know there is something I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t know what it is.
  • If only I could get some clarity, then I’d know where to begin…

Unique Expression of Life

Your unique expression of Life may be cultivating healthy abundant vegetable and herb gardens that not only feed and support the health of yourself, your family, but perhaps your neighbors as well.

An authentic expression of your life's work might be as simple and profound as raising sane, empowered children within a safe, loving home environment. If such expression as these are all your heart calls you to be and do - it is enough.

This is worth repeating – so long as you are happy in your endeavors, so long as you experience appreciation and gratitude for what you express in your life – it is enough.

Loving your life, appreciating your very existence and experiencing daily feelings of gratitude in-form your essential being-ness with deep happiness. This sense of well-being saturates every cell of your physical body, raises your base vibratory frequency to high levels and promotes an upward energetic spiral that is self-perpetuating within all aspects of your biospiritual bodies.

What’s more, your own feelings of well-being radiate outward into your local multiverse (surrounding environment) enveloping others, imparting grace, promoting peace. I ask you – isn’t this enough?

Discover Your Life Purpose

You can discover your life purpose and begin living a more authentic life aligned with what you came here to do. Life is self-reflective and communicates with us in a language of symbols and synchronicities. Our job is to develop awareness, learn how to listen and most importantly – RESPOND to these communications. Our purpose can be seen in our

  • Childhood dreams and goals
  • Natural inclinations
  • Passions and moments of deep happiness
  • Continual intuitions and inner promptings

The following articles offer techniques and exercises designed to help you identify your unique life expression or purpose. Some will resonate for you and attract your interest. Others, not so much. Use what’s helpful.

Over time and by practicing awareness, you’ll gain clarity and identify core personal values. Intentions and actions will begin aligning more and more with your values. As your Authentic Self is revealed, you’ll start living each day with passion and fulfilled by your life purpose.

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