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Instead of using the word soul, some meta-physicians and shamans may say that people have an “energy body.” This equates with the bio-plasmic body discovered by Kirlian scientists in plants and human beings. Alchemists will refer to the “subtle body.” These are all terms used in different contextual languages (scientific, religious, spiritual etc.) to describe the same concept.

The nonphysical or subtle components of the energy body can be imagined as a luminous egg that encircles the physical body at a distance of about an arm’s length in each direction, though it’s slightly closer at the head and feet.

It’s composed of four bands of light energy, corresponding to different aspects of the self. From the outer band inward, these are our causal, mental, emotional, and physical “bodies.”

The causal body is the furthest from the physical body, beginning at a distance of about an arm’s length and stretching into infinity. This is our energetic connection with the universe or quantum field. It’s through this individuated aspect of the universal field that ESP and other phenomena operate and it is this that facilitates our communication with other intelligences.

The mental self is slightly closer, in a band that begins perhaps twelve inches from the body. And the astral or emotional self is the space between the mental and the physical.

An etheric/physical interface is the innermost layer and is super-imposed over the physical body. It's the energetic template through which our physical bodies become manifest - it carries the information that guides the cellular growth of the physical structure of our bodies.

Ancient and modern wisdom traditions refer to a subtle bioenergy that flows through and between these four bodies (including of course our physical bodies). It’s known by many names:

  • Chi or Ki
  • Prana
  • Etheric energy
  • Orgone
  • Mana
  • Homeopathic Resonance
  • Life Force
  • And others

Many of the complementary and alternative therapies used traditionally and today (some of which I write about on this site) involve the therapeutic correction or resonance enhancement of the flow of these subtle energies.

…there are also energy pulses from the environment which influence humans and animals in a variety of ways. For instance, low-level changes in magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, and gravitational fields often have profound effects on both biology and psychology. In addition to energies originating in the environment, it has been documented that humans are capable of generating and controlling subtle, not-yet-measurable energies that seem to influence both physiological and physical mechanisms.

- The Int'l Society for the Study of
Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

Biospiritual healing recognizes these subtle energies as valued metaphysical factors of the healing process.

I Get The Feelin'...

Illness or dys-function stems from the nonphysical and affects our causal body first. If we’re sensitive, we may detect an intrusive energy or “outside force” as soon as it connects with this band of light and sense that something is out of whack, even if we can’t say what. For example, have you ever:

  • Had the feeling of walking into a room and being uncomfortable for no apparent reason?
  • Developed an instant though seemingly unfounded dislike of a person upon first meeting them?
  • Felt that something was ‘not right’ in your relationship with another but couldn’t quite name what it was?

Many people have these experiences but are less aware when it comes to matters of health, so the presence of intrusive energies may go undetected until they are established in our fields.

As it begins its migration toward the physical body, an illness will become more noticeable. When it enters our mental body, we may become aware of it and be able to name the problem. However, with the many distractions vieing for our attention in daily life, there's a prevalent lack of awareness among us of our underlying and habitual thought and belief patterns.

So the condition often doesn't register until it moves into our emotional awareness. If not addressed, what began as subtle awareness becomes a physical reality.

To heal ourselves, we must work with the source of the dys-function or dis-ease. We seek its source cause. When we can disperse the intrusive energy before it becomes solid and ingrained in the physical body, every part of the energy body, from the causal through to the physical, is healed.

[In the future], healing will pass from the domain of physical methods of treating the physical body to that of spiritual and mental healing, which, by bringing about harmony between the Soul and mind, will eradicate the very basic cause of disease.

- Dr. Edward Bach

Conventional medicine tends only to address the symptoms of illness within the physical body. A biospiritual approach to healing addresses the cause of the condition itself. It works from the premise that, since all diseases are energetic, they can be healed in the same way: by shifting out-of-balanced energy patterns back into vibrational alignment.

Energy Fields Revealed - Harry Oldfield

Following is an excellent presentation by Harry Oldfield at the 2011 Symposium in Glastonbury. About an hour in length. Oldfield shows several examples of Kirlian photography he worked with before inventing his more advanced method of Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) in 1987. The Kirlian slides include examples of the phantom effect, shows us how the energy signatures of cancer tumors are bright and strong but chaotic, and with examples of healthy subtle energy fields of individuals alongside unhealthy fields, he contrasts differences showing up energetically.

With his PIP, he was able to photograph the phantom energy signatures of missing limbs, capture images of chakras and meridians in the human body, showed us the beautiful fields of a Qi Gong master and a young child as well as a rather frightening image of the energy field of a crack addict.

He touches on several other interesting topics as well.

From a biospiritual perspective, source causes of illness usually have to do with a lack of balance or some type of spiritual disconnection.

Read more on the biospiritual effect of social disconnection.

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