The MetaPhysics of BioSpiritual Healing

How does 'metaphysics' relate to the practice of biospiritual healing?

Discoveries in physics are causing paradigm shifts in the physical sciences. We've touched on a few of these discoveries in previous articles and how they can impact our vision of health. Let's explore here the 'metaphysics' of biospiritual healing.

The mainstream sciences that focus exclusively on physical matter “covers only one billionth of all the phenomena in the Cosmos, and therefore draws unilateral and incorrect conclusions...”(Journal of Bioelectromedicine. Vol. 2., No. 2, June 2000)

In this article, meta refers to the quality of 'beyond; transcendence; or more comprehensive.' So metaphysical means in essence, that which transcends the physical – or refers to aspects of reality that are beyond ordinary physical perception. In our quest for wellness, it makes sense to utilize every healing resource we have. And one powerful healing factor generally overlooked by conventional medicine is the affirmation of spirit innate within our physicality – our bio-spirituality. When we view healing through a biospiritual lens, our divine connection with the Universal Field illuminates an infinite capacity for self-healing.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of several books including DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral and Walk on Water, tells us that “Biophysics, the energy dynamics fundamental to biology and nature, is a subspecialty of meta-physics. Metaphysical theories and theologies go hand-and-hand with advancing reality theories and the physical sciences....”

How do We Heal?

Our intention here is to understand the biospiritual mechanics of how we heal. Remember that we participate within four energetic levels of reality:

  • Essential - Spirit
  • Mythic - Soul
  • Symbolic - Mind
  • Literal - Body
And there are pathways of communication between these levels. Let’s expand on this.

Healing occurs when we address the underlying causal factors of physical symptoms. This isn’t done simply by focusing on the physical symptoms alone. Biospiritual healers as meta-physicians know that physical manifestation of illness or wellness is a result rather than a causative factor.

Every physical manifestation has an equal nonphysical (etheric) component that defines it. This nonphysical or un-manifested potential exists outside of time as an energetic blueprint in the Quantum Field. Intention - divine as well as our own - provides the energetic directive for physical manifestation. It activates this blueprint creating a pathway upon which energy then travels and informs a physical manifestation.

Research shows how the nonphysical exists first as the etheric blueprint of potential. In his book, Diet Liberation, David Cameron Gikani, writes of research that has proven the existence and formation of nonphysical fields before the physical objects themselves materialize. He tells us that:

…even before a leaf [begins] to grow on a plant, its nonphysical outline [appears] and is there for quite a while before the physical shows up. The same thing happens with humans...One of the easiest ways to observe this phenomenon is using Kirlian photography or other such technology. Whichever technology is used, it will demonstrate that an energy form shows up and then a few moments later or sometimes a few days later depending on what is being observed, the physical form itself [begins] to take shape.”

Kirlian photography is a method invented in Russia by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian and is now used in research laboratories worldwide. The principle behind Kirlian photography is that all living beings emit radiation in the form of light, electromagnetic frequencies, and heat in direct relationship to their internal states. Kirlian photography captures and records these emissions by introducing a high-frequency, high-voltage, ultra-low current to the subject being photographed, which amplifies and makes visible the energy it contains.

Holographic Blood

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen M.D. is another researcher who has spent the last 20 years working with etheric blueprints. He says however, that he is deciphering 'holographic' images found in photographs of his patient’s blood. According to Bigelsen, these electromagnetic 'pictures' foretell the condition of our health and even events that have yet to occur. Details of these amazing discoveries are found in his book, Blood Mysteries: Myth, Magic or Reality (originally titled Holographic Blood).

Dr. Bigelsen was recently interviewed by Conscious Media Network. This hour long video showcases a few of the holographic blood images as well as the doctor’s insightful, biospiritual healing philosophy.

You can watch this free (well, now only with a free 3-day pass)video at

Researchers of the “phantom leaf” experiments generally view these results as proof that there exists a nonmaterial “bio-plasmic body” in addition to the physical body - an energy that, though nonphysical, is essential to life.

Of course, meta-physicians and other biospiritual healers from the wisdom traditions have known this for millennia. Through the ages, it’s been referred to as the soul.

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