Live Your Authentic Life Now

Imagine your authentic life lived with passion and purpose!

What does it look like? How does it feel? What are you doing? Add details. Be specific. Take a few moments to really enjoy this vision of your life.

You're living on purpose, doing what comes naturally and easily for you. You get a kick out of each day so much that you can hardly roll out of bed fast enough in the morning to begin it.


OK, back to real time now. That was fun. Didn't it feel good? Now tell me - how close does your daily life come to this vision?

How much of your day do you get to spend doing things you love to do?

Do you live your life on purpose, in alignment with what truly matters most to you?

If not, then what’s keeping you from living your authentic life now?

Most people will say it’s some combination of lack of time, money, energy and skills. They work grueling jobs chained to the typical 8-5 work schedules. Deeply dissatisfied and unfulfilled, they have little physical energy nor mental will left at the end of their workday. TV becomes the habitual ‘drug of choice’ used to live vicariously and numb the psychic pain of a life not fully lived.

The majority of us function within a system designed to serve the status quo. And it does this very well indeed. There are very powerful societal barriers set in place that discourage us from reaching for personal freedoms.

People are conditioned to think their dreams are unattainable or worse – selfish or silliness, not worth the effort. The wonderful ideas and plans they had growing up get squashed and twisted. So, they get J.O.B.s and little by little, they give up. Their dreams slip away, their lives pass by...

Your Purpose in Life is To Be Happy!

I believe happiness and joy are the purpose of life. If we know that the future will be very dark or painful, then we lose our determination to live. Therefore, life is something based on hope…An innate quality among sentient beings, particularly among human beings, is the urge or strong feeling to encounter or experience happiness and discard suffering and pain. Therefore, the whole basis of human life is the experience of different levels of happiness. Achieving or experiencing happiness is the purpose of life.
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Your life is meant to be well-lived! Begin living on purpose today, right now. Start by getting clear about what matters most to you.

What excites you silly? What makes you want to spring out of bed eager to begin your day? Finding the true north on your personal compass is the essential first step.

What’s most important for me is the PERSONAL FREEDOM to live as I choose and aligned with my personal values.

Connecting with family and friends, and traveling for fun and personal growth are top priorities for me. Teaching people how to self-heal, and empowering others to realize their fullest potential are my greatest PASSIONS.

I won't deny that it's been a long journey for me. You can read about some of it here. But I finally put all the puzzle pieces together and today, I get to live my life as I choose. You can too.

I've gathered together a collection of powerful resources you can use to completely turn your life around. The Integral LEAP section of this website gives you step-by-step methods, simple systems and fool-proof techniques that show you how to begin living the life you've only dreamed about before.

You'll discover how you can create personal freedom and begin living your authentic life with passion and on purpose.

Start by identifying your own personal values and what most fulfills you and feeds your soul. Once you do this, you’ll quickly begin aligning with your desires – ATTRACTING them to you.

Are you surprised to learn that most people don’t really know what they want?

I can teach anybody how to get, what they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want.

- Mark Twain

What is Your Life Purpose? begins a series of articles focused on identifying your unique life calling. These articles will help you gain clarity and better envision living your authentic life.

The Authentic Lifeworks articles will take you deeper into aligning your life's purpose with creating work you love. It gives you ideas and resources to help FUND your authentic life, live your dreams and achieve your personal freedom.

Wishing You Abundant Blessings and Deeply Happy Days!

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