Aligned With Your Success

Do you own a business? How would you describe the level of success you’ve achieved with your business – a high level, unremarkable, maybe it’s a sheer struggle to operate? Understanding the reasons why you are in business will help get you aligned with your success.

Ever ask yourself why you chose to be in business? Is it -

  • To make money
  • To have flexibility in my working hours
  • Because I couldn’t find employment
  • Because I thought I could do better than my previous boss
  • Because I wanted to express a skill that I had and this seemed to be the best way to do it.

Maybe you have a different reason – these are simply some of the common answers. But notice all of these reasons focus on doing things Now, I propose that the real reason people want to be in business is to create a feeling. Take a moment to consider this and you’ll find it’s true.

Being in business for yourself can create feelings of –

  • Security, being more in control of your destiny
  • freedom to do what you want to do
  • achievement, fulfillment
  • being someone, recognition

I’m sure you can add more to that list. Business is no different from anything that we do in life. Through everything we do we are trying to achieve a feeling/emotion. Salesmen know this. It’s well-known in marketing that people buy for emotional reasons; they do not buy out of logic. We only try to rationalize the buy after we have made it.

Take for example, the purchase of a new car. We’ll remove the financial factor in this scenario and say that money is not a consideration here. Whatever you want, you can have it. Now why are you going to buy a particular car? Is it the way it’ll make you feel when you’re driving it, when you see it parked in the garage and when others see you driving it? You are buying a feeling/emotion.

The point is that there is more to business than the doing side. Being a business owner creates an emotional response within you. Are you beginning to see that there are two sides to this - what happens on the surface, what we can actually observe, and what is happening internally within us?

What Lies Beneath

Have you ever been around someone who seemingly attracts every disaster into their lives and it really doesn’t surprise you? You can tell they have a lousy attitude and a negative outlook. Whatever this person does in life, it just doesn’t work for them. They may have the right actions, but internally their programming is working against them.

You’ve probably heard the observation about what makes a millionaire become a millionaire. Is it luck, is it the right parents, is it the right contacts or is it something else? The clue is in the phrase “what makes a millionaire become a millionaire” – they are programmed or aligned with millionaire long before they become one; they’re innately aligned with success. Even if they stumble on their path and go broke they will still rise up and continue to achieve that which they are aligned with – millionaire status.

On the other hand we’ve all heard the many stories of Joe or Jane Average who wins the lotto and manages to spend it all, returning to their former status quo in a relative short period of time. All of this occurs not because that is what was consciously planned, but because of the internal programming or alignment to the belief that I am Joe/Jane Average. They are not aligned with success.

Your internal programming or alignment will influence your thoughts and attitudes and send out into the world a picture of the real you. It is a powerful force that either works for you, supporting you in your best intentions, aligned with your success - or against you sabotaging your best plans. 

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