Living an Abundant Life
is a State of Mind

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous May day! It's in the mid-70's, there's a gentle breeze and abundant sunshine.

Eventually I went online and answered emails, posted to Facebook and checked voicemails. Decided to make myself a raw foods smoothie then hit the trails behind my house for a hike before the sun climbed too high in the sky.

When I arrived back home, I spent some time in the garden, deciding where I'll be planting my herb seedlings once June arrives. In Flagstaff, you really don't want to put too much in the ground before then. As beautiful as today is, it could still snow here at 7000 foot altitude any time this month.

Mixed up a batch of hummer food and I'm letting it cool down before I put it in the feeder and hang it in the elm tree. I'll be watching aerial shenanigans later today as those aggressive little dive bombers battle for their share of the sweet-stuff. Silly birds - there's plenty! There's always plenty.

So here I sit on the front porch, sipping rose lemonade sweetened with some vanilla stevia. Heaven! Living an abundant life is a state of mind. By enjoying the moments we're given as the precious gifts they are - we tread the path of our authentic life journey. And when we appreciate what we are given, we open the pathways in our lives to receive more of the same. Always!

I've got a conference call tonight - 2 actually - to attend. And I'll begin researching material for the next section of my website to write - the healing qualities of light and sunlight. But that's later. It's too beautiful to be inside today. I'm going over to the nursery to buy a bag of bird seed. The family of woodpeckers have just arrived and I see they've devoured the last of the seed. No worries - there's always plenty more.

What will my life look like tomorrow? Most likely, something equally wonderful and peaceful. But that's tomorrow. Today, in this given moment - it looks like a glorious spring day.

May 6, 2009

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