A BioSpiritual Perspective of Breast Cancer

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May 17, 2009 ISSUE #001

Table of Contents

1. Introduction - Enough of the Grim Statistics

2. The Link Between Cancer, Inflammation and Carbohydrates

3. Consider Period Fasting

4. Essential Oils - Our Allies

5. Are You Getting Enough Sun?

6. The Language of Metaphor and What It's Telling
Us about Breast Cancer

7. Emotions and Cancer

Deciding on the topic for this first volume was something of a no-brainer for me. Over the years, the condition known as “cancer” has impacted my life profoundly - having claimed the lives of more friends and family members than I wish to recount here.

In fact, it’s a primary reason I decided to create the biospiritual healing website. While I’ll likely continue to write about other manifestations of this condition in future newsletters, here we’ll focus on breast cancer in particular. And here’s the reason: Melanie Segala sums it up with her declaration – Enough of the Grim Statistics, - the title of her article published in the February 25, 2008 issue of Total Health Breakthroughs:

Enough of the Grim Statistics

By Melanie Segala

Breast cancer. The very words strike fear into women everywhere. And for good reason. In 2008, according to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 182,460 women were diagnosed with and 40,480 women died of the disease.

With such alarming statistics, it’s tragic that most women just wait until a self-exam or mammogram shows an unusual lump in the breast. By then, the cancer has taken hold and it becomes a life or death battle for survival.

That’s why I did a double-take when I read Dr. James LaValle’s article, Breast Cancer - Real Prevention, that appeared in the November 4 issue of Total Health Breakthroughs. His advice could save countless lives if it is read and understood by women everywhere.

As Dr. LaValle explained in the article, “Most breast cancer is determined by how estrogen is metabolized in the body and whether it is balanced by adequate levels of progesterone.” Knowing this - and taking the appropriate steps - means that you may never be involved in this fight for your life. Because with the proper testing and nutrition, the cancer won’t have the opportunity to develop in the first place.

In brief, here’s what you need to pass on to your mother, your sisters, and your friends…

Read full article here

Breast Cancer – Real Prevention empowers us with specific information we can use self-responsibly in matters of our own health and wellness. I like that it tells us not only what we can do for ourselves - it also tells us why we would want to by connecting the dots. Personally, that works better for me.

For example, we are told -

1. “Most breast cancer is determined by how estrogen is metabolized in the body and whether it is balanced by adequate levels of progesterone.”

2. that we can encourage our bodies to make more good estrogen while getting rid of the bad stuff by maintaining healthy gut flora and modifying our diets to include more antioxidant-rich and omega-3 foods and fewer carbs

3. and that “the insulin resistance and inflammation caused by carbs can significantly increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer.”

This is specific information we can work with to affect positive changes in our lives. The link between inflammation and cancer is crucial and is echoed elsewhere in health related news.

The Link Between Cancer, Inflammation and Carbohydrates

The Essential Oil Desk Reference, (EODR) 4th Edition tells us “the link between cancer and inflammation has been strengthened in recent years.” If you Google News this topic, you’ll find more articles to support this statement.

The role carbohydrates play in this scenario is important. Its link to inflammation in the body can’t be stressed enough. A paper presented by Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D, in a seminar at the August 1999 Designs for Health Institute’s Boulderfest entitled Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects gave us a clear picture of the link between inflammation and carbohydrates in our diet almost 10 years ago.

His presentation didn’t speak solely to the role inflammation plays in the proliferation of cancer cells. Rather, it details its role in the plethora of degenerative diseases plaguing our population today including cancers. Though lengthy, this article offers invaluable insight that may well serve to change your eating habits overnight.

You can read it here

Consider Periodic Fasting

In line with the cancer-inflammation link mentioned in the articles above, a program of periodic fasting/cleansing and chelation may be very advantageous whether as preventative measures or as complementary modalities.

In the section of EODR that tells us “Why Fasting Works” we find:

“New research has uncovered one of the properties that make cancer cells different from normal cells: insulin receptors; Cancer cells have over 10 times the number of receptors for insulin as a normal cell: excess insulin can stimulate cancer cells disproportionately compared to well-differentiated cells. Similarly, because cancer cells are fast-growing, they require far more glucose (blood-sugar) than normal cells do. The most effective way of lowering both insulin levels and blood glucose levels is with a fast.”

Even fasting 1 day each week can have beneficial health effects. Or consider incorporating a periodic 3 day fast into your monthly routine. Please check with a health professional first if you have any serious health conditions or are considering fasting for longer than 3 days.

Contact me if you have questions about fasting, cleansings, chelation, etc. I’m not a doctor, so can’t offer medical advice. However, I can offer my support and share some helpful suggestions of what’s worked for others.

Essential Oils - Our Allies

Research and clinical studies have been conducted on the effects of some essential oils on cancers. The most recent you’ll find in Google News speaks to the results achieved by using Frankincense to treat patients with bladder cancer.

And in Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry on page 159 Linda L Smith tells us:

“85% of all breast cancers are ductal cancers. Natural progesterone has been shown to slow the growth of ductal cells that promote cancer growth. New research indicates that some essential oils can dramatically inhibit cancer growth while leaving normal cells unharmed. Studies at the Young Life Research Institute of Natural Medicine show that ledum, Idaho balsam fir, tsuga, lavender, clove and frankincense may be effective in treating breast cancer. It has been found from the studies done that, MCF7 (Aggressive Breast Cancer cells) that Idaho balsam fir is the most effective in inhibiting breast cancer and will inhibit 7 kinds of tumors. Idaho Balsam fir and frankincense work very well together to inhibit cancer.”

However, many natural therapies-especially those using essential oils - work best in the early stages of cancer with the citrus oils (high in d-limonene) working better as preventatives than as treatments.

EODR lists the following essential oils “with the broadest spectrum anti-cancer activity: ranked according to their potency”:

  • Sandalwood
  • Balsam Fir
  • Thyme
  • Hyssop
  • Tsuga
  • Orange

And essential oils listed as “anti-inflammatory and suitable for most cancers” include:

  • Wintergreen
  • Frankincense
  • Clove
  • Myrrh

These oils would be taken internally and so must be of impeccable quality. It’s also best to rotate among several different oils. If you have questions about these oils or would like to discuss quality sources for them, you can visit Ana Rose Botanicals or send me an email. I'm happy to offer some guidelines.

Are You Getting Enough Sun?

An article by Kim Ridley published in the September 2007 issue of Ode Magazine encourages us to get outside more. Research supports evidence that sunlight is not the menace popular consensus seems to believe it to be -

“A spate of new studies suggests vitamin D offers health benefits far beyond strengthening bones. Researchers report that ‘the sunshine vitamin’ may cut cancer risks and help the immune system fight infections. Together these studies raise the possibility that a brief daily dose of sun combined with a vitamin D supplement could help stave off everything from breast cancer to the flu.”

Dr. Mercola writes extensively touting the virtues of Vitamen D on his website.

The Language of Metaphor and What It's Telling Us about Breast Cancer

As valuable as this information is, there is much more to the condition known as cancer than its physical manifestation (or prevention thereof). If you’ve read some of my web articles on the topic of biospirituality, you’re familiar with a healing paradigm that acknowledges four levels of reality and the pathways of communication between them.

I haven’t yet written much on the website specifically on the topic of metaphor as the language of the soul. Nor, on how we can use this language to communicate with and understand the physical manifestations of dis-ease or dys-functions in our bodies and lives. However, I do use this concept extensively in my healing practice. Look for some new articles soon that will expand on this concept in more detail.

For now, let’s define “metaphor” as a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another. Or – one thing conceived as representing another; a symbol.

The universe, life, our bodies, our souls - all speak the language of symbolism. This means that we can gain insight into the source of any dis-ease, condition or dys-function by learning and translating the language. Let’s apply this concept to the manifestation of breast cancer.

Cancer is fundamentally about self-directed anger; self-attack. Cancer cells originate from what were once normal cells which turned malignant or destructive. They then began to reproduce wildly out of control. Why? In most cases, negative emotions and trauma triggered this. Look for some traumatic situation to have taken place between 6 and 24 months before the onset of the cancer. Deep-seated emotions originating from this episode have been turned upon oneself.

Whereas the 6 – 24 month timeline is a common occurrence, worth examining for source cause, I’ve also seen cancer manifest in individuals who’ve endured sometimes years of emotional frustration or unfulfilling life experiences.

Possible deep-seated emotions involve: guilt, bitterness, hopelessness; negative perception of one’s forms of creative expression; blocked creativity or not allowing the outer expression of personal changes and inner developments. There may be a fear of losing one’s present life situation; of moving on to the next chapter in life; looking backwards; fear of major or radical change for the better. – At some level, it’s attacking another through self-destruction, self-sabotage.

When tumors manifest, this is our body’s attempt to contain repressed anger, unacknowledged belief systems; pain of disappointment, unresolved emotional fractures and broken hearts.

When the cancer has manifested in the breast(s), we must look to issues of nurturance/nourishment. The right side of our bodies represents masculine aspects and the left side represents feminine aspects. So, conditions manifesting in the right breast indicate issues of nurturing the men in our lives or of feelings of not being fathered – the past traumatic incident may have involved a husband, significant other, brother or father. Conditions manifesting in the left breast indicate being called to nurture someone in relationship, or feelings of not having been mothered or nurtured.

Emotions and Cancer

If the manifestation of cancer arises from the effects of unresolved emotional issues, then it’s clear the primary method of its prevention and/or healing lies in surfacing, acknowledging, healing and releasing the emotions that contributed to its manifestation.

There’re many ways of accomplishing this of course – essential oils when used as the core of an emotional treatment program can be powerfully beneficial. When used in combination with self-help techniques such as feeling-based prayer, biospiritual focusing, soul collage, journaling or re-patterning subconscious programs, the effects can be synergistic.

They can also be used to enhance psychotherapy or counseling sessions, operating on the subtle energy fields as gentle healing allies.

So much more can be added to what I’ve put forth in this newsletter. We can barely scratch the surface here on a topic as complex and multi-layered as the manifestation of cancer. My intention is simply to give you a place to start, some food for thought, and an indication of the empowering information that’s available to you. As Ms. Segala stated in the first article – Enough of the Grim Statistics!

Well, that's it for now. I do hope you're enjoying this beautiful month of May! If you have questions or comments about this issue, just reply to this e-zine. I'd love to hear from you.

Deep Peace Be With You,

Valory Ana Rose CCA
Your BioSpiritual Partner in Health, Wealth and Happiness


I am not a medical doctor. I do not, nor does this newsletter intend to diagnose or treat any medical condition (physical or psychological). This newsletter is provided for educational purposes only. Copyright 2009. Valory Rose, BioSpiritual Energy Healing.com. All Rights Reserved.

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