Kony 2012 Is The Fox in a Hen House

FWD:FWD: FW (Picture of KONY 2012) JOSEPH KONY! Is a man who abucts children in Uganda to do slavery for him girls = sex slaves boys = army soldiers he has capture thousands of children in ugenda and forces them to do what he says you might say well y don’t they just not listen to him but those poor children are killed if they don’t listen to him the only way for him to be killed is if he becomes famous not for good but so the commubity understands that we care about those little kids send this to all of youre friends make kony known let him be punished for his dispickable crime! Please hurry if we do not build up our team now and make him known we will be too late this ends on april 20 please help :)

This was the text that greeted me upon waking at 7:00 a.m. on March 7th. Still a bit bleary-eyed and groggy from sleep, my first thought was that someone had texted me by mistake as I discourage texting as a communication choice from most of my community. Then I realized that it had come from my twelve year old granddaughter. And yes, I admit to a measure of relief when I also saw that this was a much-forwarded text and my granddaughter was not the actual author of this poorly written rant. (Like I said, not much in to texting, personally, for oh so many reasons).

I did not respond to the text immediately but made a mental note to research Kony 2012 that evening when I returned home. You see, the name “Kony” had not yet flashed on my own personal radar screen until that Wednesday morning when I received my granddaughter’s text message. But by the evening, not only were there blips all over the screen, indeed, a few red flags were waving as well.

If you’re wondering at this point, what ever does the Kony 2012 campaign have to do with the stated purpose of this web site and energy healing in general? Have a sip of chamomile tea and I’ll explain.

After some research, this is my take on the Kony 2012 film by Jason Russell that went viral last week on the internet – It is the fox in a hen house, released as a manipulative hook for the populace. Its purpose is to focus attention on the fox and all the fluttering commotion its presence creates in the hen house, provide theater, engender emotional investment. It is a manipulative technique, used all too often now by propagandists to not be seen for what it really is.

Now, are Russell and his non-profit group, Invisible Children, the propagandists? Maybe. In all fairness, the film could have been co-opted for this purpose. But, it’s timely appearance and rampant sensationalism are suspect. Ask yourself this question - under the cover of diverted attention (hiding in plain sight) - what’s really going on while our children are being manipulated to engage their parent’s attention on the Joseph Kony drama?

Spoon-feeding you the answer here is not my intention because the crucial aspect of this question isn’t really even finding its answer. Besides, you can figure that out on your own with a little (and I mean very little) research, it’s that obvious. Where the red flags really start waving for me in this bit of theater is in how the propagandists have targeted our children to advance an agenda.

Now, is seems some parents are oh, so proudly preening their feathers as they watch their children “get involved” in something (some call it a movement) that’s larger than themselves, their video games or their smartphones – “oh, look how social media can be used to further a grand cause and ‘do good’!” they crow.

Well, I’m calling FOUL! here (or maybe, Fowl!). Not because the captured children in Africa shouldn’t be released and not because Kony isn’t a hideous boil on the ass of humanity that shouldn’t be brought to justice. I agree with those aspects of Russell’s message 100 percent. What needs to be brought in to the light of scrutiny however, is the way this campaign plays on impressionable young minds and emotions to manipulate the opinions and potential actions of their parents. This campaign admittedly and deliberately targets schools and children. Think on this for a bit and see what conclusions you come to.

For myself, after thoughtful consideration, I’ve concluded this tactic particularly despicable (correct spelling even). After burning through an initial outrage however, a slow smile did play across my lips as I realized how a truly positive, constructive outcome can grow from this sorry manipulative ploy; similar to the way an organic healthy garden can be grown from using a pile of horse manure.

And this is my realization: as parents (and grandparents), we now have a perfect opportunity to educate ourselves about the topics illustrated in the Kony 2012 film. We can engage in discussions with our children about the views and information presented by Russell and his group. We can use this film to develop essential critical thinking skills in our kids as well as ourselves without mindlessly hopping on the emotionally charged bandwagon of the Kony campaign.

Now, it is not my position or anyone else’s to dictate your views on this matter; perhaps you perceive this as a complete non-event. However, if you have kids who are talking to you about the film, expressing what may or may not be their own viewpoints regarding it, perhaps plastering every available surface with a poster (or planning to) or maybe want to donate money to the campaign, consider spending a half hour viewing or reviewing Kony 2012. Then talk about its message with your kids.

And here are a couple links to articles that offer a differing perspective than that presented by Russell’s compelling narrative.

Kony: Are You a Sceptic or a Soldier of Peace

Beware Africa: You’re Being Set Up

“How do you deal with a well produced, propaganda campaign, that get’s 57 million views in four days, supported by Oprah, P. Diddy, and Justin Bieber, that tugs on the naivety of well meaning younger kids, to beg the media and political elite, to get us into another war for oil?”

Something to consider on this matter of Russell’s message, and especially if you do choose to engage in discussion with your kids on this topic, is that the film offers only two possible outcomes to this campaign:

1) 2012 closes and Kony has been brought to justice - by whom and how was this accomplished? It would be VERY interesting to see just how this scenario would actually play out.

2) 2012 closes and Kony still roams at large but the campaign is ended according to the video regardless. Really? Regardless of how much time and effort, heart and soul the kids pour into supporting this campaign throughout the year to “get” Kony, if he’s not caught by December 31st, well, nevermind, you gave it your best, it just wasn’t good enough kids. Wow! Kony has been out there wreaking havoc for more than 20 years, but somehow he MUST be apprehended within a matter of months now or else...

The focus of this web site as you know is on healing - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All levels are interconnected and to heal one manifestation of dysfunction, they are all addressed. Similarly, the manifested dysfunctions of our communities, society, and especially our government, are first identified and healed within ourselves and within our families. As sane individuals, and healthy functioning families, we have a more powerful effect when addressing the insanities of a dysfunctional society. A family discussion of the Kony 2012 film can be used as a healing experience that strengthens the pathways of communication and the bonds of relationship within our families. Don’t pass up this great opportunity!

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