The 7 Steps to Enlightened Wealth

The Investworks Model System (TIMS) continues here with The 7 Steps to Enlightened Wealth. The expanded version of the 7 Steps can be viewed here.

Follow the 7 Steps to Enlightened Wealth:

1) Unite with a few of your friends
2) Review all the programs
3) Reduce each to the minimum requirements
4) Organize in order of preference
5) Start with the easiest one
6) Add more programs as quickly as possible, and
7) Use the money for something good

1) Unite with your team. Each person needs 3 InVeStment Partners who will commit to InVeSt $1 a day in 2 companies and stay connected. Get together with 3 of your friends and make a commitment to help each other.

If you are already in a networking program. Great! Use this system to simplify your marketing and reap maximum exponential growth in record time! Discard those outdated and unnecessary 'business as usual' sales marketing techniques that operate out of fear, greed and competition.

Start working from a base of love, sharing and cooperation

2) Review several companies. Discuss all suggested programs to create your own InVeStworks portfolio and stay with your team!

Try to select companies where you do not need more than 3 personally sponsored recruits to receive residual income. With The InVeStworks Model System, each person is only responsible for managing their 3 InVeStment Partners.

Did you know that you can reach over one billion people
in just 19 days by 3 telling 3 in one day?
That's powerful!

Adopt companies with simple compensation plans, good reputations and good mission statements that manufacture their products in ecological balance with the planet. We certainly can't stay in business without a life-sustaining planet to live on.

What companies are some members already using? What products or services do you need? Start with online educational programs (Multi Affiliate Programs) with virtual products and add physical product based companies with your profits and food budget.

Nearly everything you desire can be found on network programs
that also pay you a commission to shop and share with others!

3) Reduce the selected programs down to the minimum requirements. You do not care about being a superstar in any company. Just begin at the minimum level to tap into the residual income.

This is the Billionaires' Secret!

When you reduce things down to the lowest common
denominator you can't help but create the largest multiplier

It's the difference between a 5 star restaurant and McDonald's. More people can afford to eat at McDonald's. Thus McDonald's is exponentially richer than any elite restaurant.

By participating in each company at the minimum level and by using your SAME 3 InVeStment Partners, you are quickly in a profit-making position. You can afford to have a portfolio that is far easier to manage than any other investment opportunity. And your network will explode in growth just like McDonald's.

4) Organize your custom made ‘mutual fund InVeStment' from your team's personal shopping needs. It doesn't matter if you will use all the products from each company. Give away and donate what you can to charities. You are supporting your team and the company that is providing you a significant passive residual income stream.

5) Start with the easiest program. When you make it easy, everyone can participate and more importantly stay in. It is far more profitable to retain recruits than to continually replace them. You will remain strong and so will your company!

p>You can create TWO streams of income with ONE effort on $1 a day!

6) Add additional programs with your SAME InVeStment Partners using your profits as soon as you can. You must have multiple streams of income.

By participating in several at the same time, if one or two programs quit or become less desirable, (just like the variables of stock market investments) you still have many other sources of income to keep yourself wealthy and to re-InVeSt in new ventures.

7) Use the money for something good. Tithe 10% of your time and money toward making the world a better place. Start in your own backyard, across the street, across the state or across the ocean. YOU decide where it is needed the most.

Now expand your market for The InVeStworks Model System of creating wealth for everybody. Consider the vast target market to build your network for net worth and envision with us our goal of working in global unity.

Copyright 2009, Suzanne Kirkland Kincaide, The Investworks Model System

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