The 7 Pillars of Success for Enlightened Wealth

As you move through the exercises and use the resources found on this website, you’ll gain clarity of your life purpose. You’ll begin aligning with your passions and what matters most in your life. And as you do this, the creation of a vision begins forming. When your “why” becomes big enough, you can accomplish almost anything.

And here’s the very good news – you don’t have to do it alone!

Having the mindset in which you have to accomplish everything on your own is an old paradigm and old way of doing business. We’re now moving toward a new paradigm shift wherein we begin recognizing that the more we can come into community - uniting our gifts and our talents together - the more we can uplift and support each other. As we support each other, we’re able to create what we need to manifest, not only for ourselves, but for our global community.

Transition from Survival to Self Empowerment to Sustained Abundance

How can we have all of our needs met so we can go out and help others meet their needs?

Achieving Enlightened Wealth is not a goal or destination. It’s a journey and a process. We use this process to first create endeavors that allow all of our needs to be met. You cannot give something you don’t have to give. So the first step of this journey lifts you above the survival mode to a level of self empowered intentional direction. This vantage point then facilitates your ability to begin creating methods and systems for personal sustained abundance.

Alignment with this natural process allows abundance to overflow from your personal sphere in ever expanding circles to others. It can’t not because if you try to contain it, (from misalignment with fear and greed) a blockage forms and dams the flow.

I came across Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood’s 7 Pillars of Success for Enlightened Wealth when I was exploring their Passion Test Online material. This set of principles promotes a new paradigm shift and way of doing business. I’ve used them as my own personal blueprint for creating financial freedom. They serve as guidelines for how I create abundance in my life by living authentically and on purpose.

The following 7 Pillars of Success and descriptions are expanded versions of those given by the Attwood’s on their website:

Pillar 1) Givingit begins by giving value. We all have our own unique gifts to give to the world. Begin from where you are now and at whatever level you’re at. Then build from there. Giving is the basis of abundant life. Enlightened wealth is always created through mutual benefit (i.e. win-win). The parties to any relationship always perceive that the value they are receiving is equal to or greater than the value they are giving. It also works from the premise of “effective giving” in that ideally, what is being given is sustainable and empowering.

Pillar 2) Dreams - inspire creativity. In the presence of a great dream, the impossible becomes possible. Dreams are the reason to keep going when the road gets rough. Enlightened wealth is created from dreams that raise the quality of life in the world.

Pillar 3) Mentors – ask yourself, who is it that has the knowledge that can help you take your unique gifts and bring them out into the world? Enlightened wealth is created by ”standing on the shoulders of giants.” Great leaders are born from the lessons they learn from great mentors. Enlightened teachers are the cornerstone of a society that supports enlightened wealth.

Pillar 4) Teams – Together Everyone Achieves Miracles. It’s about connecting with a specific community of people who come together for the purpose of sharing similar passions, principles, dreams and ideas. Together they create systems and methods for improving the planet and themselves. Teams are the fuel of enlightened wealth. They multiply the effectiveness of each of the members, and are a major tool for expanding creativity. Since every individual sees the world from their own unique perspective, a team of individuals will always have a broader, more comprehensive, more complete view of any situation or circumstance than a single individual. An enlightened team is composed of members whose skills and talents are complimentary so that members are able to do things they enjoy. Enlightened wealth is created by teams who find solutions which are comprehensive and holistic in their effects. Enlightened solutions benefit everyone and an enlightened team applies their creativity until they have discovered a solution where everyone involved wins.

Pillar 5) Alliances – networking and forming alliances creates structures where we can connect and relate, interact with and form relationships with people who have their own spheres of influence. Together we can accomplish more than any of us could individually. Networks allow holistic solutions to have a far-reaching effect. Enlightened wealth is created by building connections between networks of individuals and organizations which have shared values and complimentary goals. Enlightened solutions are supported by the infinite network of natural law which connects all aspects of life and promotes the evolution of life to forms which create more joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Pillar 6) Systems, Skills and Tools – these are the implements of success. Systems are replicable processes which can be performed by anyone and produce the same, reliable results. Enlightened wealth is created through the application of effective systems by individuals with the requisite skills using appropriate tools. Systems, skills and tools are the “how to” for creating wealth.

Pillar 7) Passive and Residual Income – Passive income is income which is earned by doing work once, and earning income from that work over a long period of time. Passive income results from providing knowledge, products or services which give value over a long period of time. Enlightened wealth grows by providing the means to do less and accomplish more. The real achievement of enlightened wealth is providing the means to do nothing and accomplish everything.

Portions of the descriptions used above are adapted from material presented by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, The 7 Pillars of Success for Enlightened Wealth, Copyright © 2003

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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.

Now put the foundations under them.

- Henry David Thoreau

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